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The Burst (-10%)
Cybrix (-33%)
Space Salvage (-40%)
Stabby (-20%)
Mare (-54%)
SuchArt (-20%)
The Line (-20%)
Cave Digger (-40%)
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An official Superbike World Championship VR game with single/multiplayer modes, authentic mechanics of controlling motorcycle vehicles and competitive possibilities

MudRunner VR

Incredibly realistic visuals and stunning physics inside a best-looking vehicle simulator on Quest standalone devices

I Am Cat

Cute and nice sandbox game about being a cat in a house of old granny, with infinite possibilities to be a bad cat ^..^

Blacktop Hoops

A well-made basketball VR game with friendly controls and lots of difficulty modifiers, campaign and relevant soundtrack

Kid Pilot

A cartoonish game build around original mechanics of controlling small plane by moving your hand with controller in space