Echo VR - farewell and thank you

A technical and mental masterpiece for coop-multiplayer challenges between real people around the world. High entry threshold but mind-blowing fun for those few, who learn to play

Strong sides:

  • An absolute masterpiece that was way ahead of its time.
  • Technically perfect realized physics, graphics, look and feel
  • Best zero-gravity and full-body motion implementation ever made in VR
  • Great tutorial and practice
  • Social and coop-compilation, including voice chat, team play and competition vibes.
  • Absolutely free, additional totally different game mode offered as DLC (Echo Combat)
  • Infinite replayability, possibility to play in multiplayer mode or single-player practice versus bots
  • Possibility to regard the game as an eSport (with physical and mental activity)

Weak sides:

  • High entry threshold , easy to learn controls but needs some time of practice to learn playing effeciently
  • Lack of players in Echo Combat DLC extension, so you might wait for a game for dozens of minutes

Summary and conclusion:

This is a real gem of multiplayer VR games and social experiences with competition elements. It will blow your head with 0g feeling and game mechanics, technical perfection and immersion. Even after playing 5.000 matches you still want to play this more than anything else :) This is an article from 2021, but Meta acquired the devs and a couple of months ago announced that the decision was made to shut down this project, empty the lobbies and cut off everything. Ignoring it's 25+K active player base and endless potential of this masterpiece for VR sports, they did it. I want to give my infinite respects this gem, a game from a future, that gifted to every single unit from it's huge community thousands of absolutely amazing rounds, impressions and emotions, feeling of freedom, alternative universe and teamplay in addition to many many other things. For players, Echo VR wasn't just a game; it was a second home where they formed lasting friendships and memories. Since 1/08/23 the only possibility to try is playing offline using old version of Echo VR and custom DLLs to enable LOCAL (offline) play with bots.
UPDATE OCT'24: The unofficial mod for multiplayer support is available here
Echo VR - farewell and thank you

Rating: 5+ from 5 - real masterpeace!

Game is available on:

Rift StoreQuest Store
Tested on:
i7, GTX 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM, Rift CV1

Game performance:
This game is exclusively available only o Oculus Store for Oculus devices, but might be launched on third-party headsets using Revive (see the knowledge base).

Review by: Pheonics

Official game trailer and our gameplay footage

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