An authentic styled sci-fi narrative game with puzzle elements

Strong sides:

  • Exceptional visuals with handwritten graphics
  • Very own visual style, not similar to any other game
  • Nice atmosphere and environment
  • Simple puzzle mechanics
  • Fine controls & feel
  • Good movements and animations
  • Original idea of the script

Weak sides:

  • A bit of weak story with almost fine voice acting
  • Similar and constant gameplay mechanics (find&unlock mostly)
  • A bit boring after a while

Summary and conclusion:

Light narrative game made as series of tests you have to pass by controlling a robot and help of ai. An original and authentic indie game with impressive visual style.

Rating: 3 from 5 - not for everyone
but the game have prospectives

Game is available on:

STEAMQuest Store
Tested on:
Meta Quest 2

Review by: Anthony

Official game trailer and our gameplay footage

The Signifier

Story-driven investigation adventure, conceptually similar to Transference, but with less mystical vibes and more closer to futuristic life