Zombieland: Headshot Fever - apocalypse on your lawn

Semi-humorous Zombieland: Headshot Fever expands the genre of shooting range style rail shooters similar to "Dead and Buried" and "Drop Dead", being at the same time full of spirit of film franchise.

Strong sides:

  • Good but simple physics, nice sound design and music
  • Recreates the atmosphere of the movie "Zombieland"
  • Most of the characters are voiced by original film actors
  • Suitable for newbie players, even for the first acquaintance with VR
  • The environment is varied and non-repetitive
  • Gradual increase in difficulty level

Weak sides:

  • The graphic part is very regular, nothing special
  • Not replayable after completion
  • Don't except too much from the physics and gameplay mechanics, this game is quite simple

Summary and conclusion:

It is good to spend a week or two to go through the story campaign in this simple, but atmospheric game. But after passing the whole story you probably won't play it again. Mechanics and physics are a bit similar to Drop Dead: Dual Strike.
Zombieland: Headshot Fever - apocalypse on your lawn

Rating: 4 from 5 - recommended, but...
with some limitations

Game is available on:

PC VR (Oculus Store)Quest VR (Oculus Store)
Tested on:
i7, GTX 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM, Rift CV1

Game performance:
Oculus Store version runs in Oculus SDK mode and supports cross-buy between Rift и Quest.

Review by: Pheonics

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