About VRguru.NET, it's team and mission

VRguru.net, formerly known as QuestVR.ru, was established in mid-2019 and officially launched in 2020 by a small team of VR enthusiasts who have been captivated by the VR technology since its early days.

How it all started?

In 2018, after watching the movie "Ready Player One" in theaters, we were inspired to try true VR for the first time. We experienced the Oculus Rift CV1 with Touch Controllers, and it completely blew our minds. We quickly acquired our own headsets, tried the most impressive VR games and realized that VR gaming offered a unique and immersive experience unlike traditional gaming. This led us to conceive the idea of creating an original resource that goes beyond typical reviews. We wanted to nestle all major platforms and create an unique database of VR games (especially upcoming ones) and knowledge database.

How we advanced

In 2021 we extended our audience and switched to English language and formed own video production department, we were able to make very good relationships with many publishers and developers and even lead some getaways and contests for our audience. By end of 2022 we've prepared a massive update and re-launched our communications channels to allow our audience to keep their fingers on the pulse of VR sales, announces and releases by getting daily updates through Telegram bot. In 2023 we've launched first version of our own Android application and in early 2024 bringed a massive update to our app and web, allowing you to set up and filter platforms you're interested in.

If you are a publisher or developer

We're always glad to have a direct connection with publishers and developers, manufacturers and partners of VR indistry. We have a centralized email hub (feedback@vrguru.net) where you can send any information, announcements and requests. Our editorial team daily seeks for a new annoucements. But when we get them from directly from the publishers, they appear faster. Our audience additionally to website visitors consists of additional 2.5K of telegram subscribers + 12K reddit subscribers readers, who get daily updates. Usually our team picks the games we decided to review, but if you send the preview keys in advance, you'll increases a chance that the game review would be published right to it's release date. It's very important that your product will reach our audience multiple times during positioning on our resources*:

(Please see the looped video on the left to better understand how we cover game announces, reviews and release calendar)

What is all beyond this?

Passion. We really enjoy what we do and at the moment our small team covers all the costs for the project to run. We've build everything with huge love and interest and we're always open for any feedback :)


An official Superbike World Championship VR game with single/multiplayer modes, authentic mechanics of controlling motorcycle vehicles and competitive possibilities

MudRunner VR

Incredibly realistic visuals and stunning physics inside a best-looking vehicle simulator on Quest standalone devices