Arcade Paradise VR

Funny mix of arcade machine simulator with smell of laundry management and funny 90's humor and lots of mini-games

Strong sides:

  • Really nicely done controls of arcade machines
  • Full of retro atmosphere
  • Good sound design and humor
  • Different authentic mini-games
  • Very nice retro-like cutscenes
  • Mixed reality features
  • Lots of nostalgia

Weak sides:

  • Tutorial and routines are too boring
  • No arcade machine only mode
  • Voice acting is very average

Summary and conclusion:

This game will definitely impress every fan of 90's and everything related to this (of course including different recognizable arcade machines). For casual player it might be too boring as you have to do a lot of routines to unlock the arcade machines.
Arcade Paradise VR

Rating: 4 from 5 - recommended, but...
with some limitations

Game is available on:

Meta Quest
Tested on:
Meta Quest 2

Game performance:
Game have good performance on Quest 2

Review by: Pheonics

Official game trailer and our gameplay footage


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