Beat Saber: drive✕sweat+music

One of the few legendary examples of immersive VR masterpieces, suitable for everyone and unstoppable in its development

Strong sides:

  • Flawless, absolutely fantastic mechanics and audio/visual synchronization
  • Excellent physics, feedback (including controller feedback) and overall feeling
  • Infinite replayability and ability to use as in-home fitness training
  • Great tutorial, suitable even for VR newbies
  • Precise tracking on both PC VR and even Quest version

Weak sides:

  • Lack of integrated from-the-box Custom Tracks support with easy tracks exchange
  • DLCs are very expensive and not very variative. We expect more official Metal/Rock DLCs :D
  • Quite boring campaign

Summary and conclusion:

One of the BEST games for everyone in the whole VR industry of all the time. Fits for everyone, who doesn't avoid physical activity. No entry barrier, extremely simple and immersive. STRONGLY recommended for use with and custom songs mod.
Beat Saber: drive✕sweat+music

Rating: 5+ from 5 - real masterpeace!

Game is available on:

PC VR (Steam)PC VR (Oculus Store)Oculus Quest (Oculus Store)Oculus Quest Free Demo (Quest Store)BS Mod Assistant (Custom Songs)Beat Saber Custom Songs DBCustom Song Generator (AI)
Tested on:
i7, GTX 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM, Rift CV1

Game performance:
STEAM-version supports Oculus SDK mode (but you need to launch it with "-vrmode oculus" argument in game's properties. Launching game in SteamVR mode doesn't affect much on performance loss.

Review by: Pheonics

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