Not For Broadcast VR

Sarcastic simulator of live feed editor with funny moments and attracting game mechanics

Strong sides:

  • Very original and authentic game mechanics
  • Clear tutorial and intuitive controls
  • Big amount of various video content to work with
  • Really funny dialogues and situations
  • Light story line with funny text-based narrative
  • Flexible difficulty and different game modes and bonus content

Weak sides:

  • Requires passive listening skills and multitasking from the player to enjoy the game fully
  • Lack of possibility to turn off advices for intuitive playing
  • No opportunity to skip text-based story fragments

Summary and conclusion:

Great and authentic game with thin sense of humor for players, who ever dreamed to be a journalists :) Really impressive technical realization and unique game mechanics makes it very special
Not For Broadcast VR

Rating: 5 from 5 - strongly recommended!

Game is available on:

Tested on:
Meta Quest 2

Review by: Pheonics

Official game trailer and our gameplay footage

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