Paradiddle v.1.0

Absolutely perfect drum simulator with peripheral support, light tutorial system and rhythm game with wide range of possibilities and huge potential

Strong sides:

  • Awesome physics and feedback
  • Great flexibility (instruments, difficulty)
  • Nice track list included with the game
  • Flexible configuration options and environments
  • Supports MIDI devices and USB pedals (included limited support for quest version also)
  • Supports custom user tracks (!) from-the-box
  • Awesome custom tracks repo on
  • Great progression since early versions

Weak sides:

  • Lack of audio offset option
  • Entry threshold above average: you'll need to learn a little bit before playing it as a game
  • Would be nice to see more licensed music from-the-box
  • Could be converted a fully functional drum learning course

Summary and conclusion:

A great drums simulator with learning elements and rhythm game core, huge custom tracks database and dynamic difficulty settings. Strongly recommended for everyone passionate with playing on drums!
Paradiddle v.1.0

Rating: 5 from 5 - strongly recommended!

Game is available on:

PC VR (STEAM)Quest AppLab
Tested on:

Game performance:
Awesome performance on both PC VR and Quest 2

Review by:

Official game trailer and our gameplay footage


Really impressive and stylish PS VR2 roguelike exclusive, which intensively uses all unique features of PS VR2 (including eye tracking, adaptive triggers and headset vibration)