Sherlock Holmes: Case of Hung Parliament

An investigation solo/co-op game with vibes of theatrical acting

Strong sides:

  • Multiplayer co-op possibilities
  • Nice voice acting
  • Advanced investigation mechanics
  • Atmosphere

Weak sides:

  • Poor look&feel
  • Weak interactions and environment
  • Lots of 360* panoramas and mid-quality videos mixed in gameplay

Summary and conclusion:

Something in the middle between interactive movie, 360 theatre act video and a game. Definetely not for everyone, but might be fine for fans of Conan Doyle
Sherlock Holmes: Case of Hung Parliament

Rating: 3 from 5 - not for everyone
but the game have prospectives

Game is available on:

Meta Quest (AppLab)
Tested on:
Meta Quest 2

Review by: Pheonics

Official game trailer and our gameplay footage


Really impressive and stylish PS VR2 roguelike exclusive, which intensively uses all unique features of PS VR2 (including eye tracking, adaptive triggers and headset vibration)